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Fasting for navratras- some tips , and how to take care of yourselves.



Detoxification: during fasting, we detoxify our body and our soul . Clearing it and removing all the negative things that affects our mind and body ,both.

With limiting what we are consuming and shifting towards eating more fruits and drinking lots of water , we complete our fasting. And knowingly or unknowingly , we detoxify ourselves .

By meditation , we can easily clear our mind and soul . But ,how to do that  with our body ?

Infused water is the answer .


Infused water is basically water infused with either fruits or tea ( green or black or hibiscus or any other) or herbs, that helps in removing toxins from our body.  And those who are not find of drinking water or tends to like more of sugary or caffeinated drink and finds it difficult to shift to  drinking plain water, infused water is the fun way to do that.  Fasting or no fasting live by 3 things I.e., DRINK A GALLON OF WATER , CUT ON CAFFINE , AND EAT MORE FRUITS , for a healthy life .

Here are some infused water ideas . You can also try these with a fruit  or combination  of your choice

Mint ,lemon and ginger

The best infused water which also works as a detox drink .what you have to do is to add 2 glasses of water in a bottle  ,half lemon sliced and half an  inch of ginger and crushed mint leaves voila! Your magic drink is ready just drink two to three such bottles in a day . Although, many cute bottles with strainers are also available in the market to motivate you.

 Peaches and lemon

Another simple infused water recipe is to just add peached and lemon in water .


Tried and tested hack ,for sure . Every summer ,when you come home your mom definitely will give you lemonade,right?  Instead of drinking it cold , you can have lemon infused hot water at anytime of the day .but ,it works bests in the morning.  It aids weight loss, hot water makes you feel full a little longer and also,it helps in solving the problem of indigestion.

You can add any fruit of your choice to add taste to water and along with being hydrated, they also give your body many benefits by the fruits. These also help our bodies to feel full all day and thus help in reducing weight .

Avoid drinking sugary drinks available in the market, they will give you energy but with fats.


Set a reminder to drink water every hour or so as it is recommended for our body .

Drinking water not only flushes out the toxins but also has many other benefits  . Drinking water gives you a natural  glowing skin removing acne ,pimples  and will also help in reducing weight .

Meditation :

Meditation is simply focused concentration . clearing your mind , Removing negative thoughts and relaxing is what meditation do . Guided meditation ( by an online or offline instructor) or simply concentrating at your home ,to declutter yourselves and  make yourselves calm , meditation, everyday , atleast for 5 minutes , should be done by everyone.  Mediation is known to reduce anxiety,  stress,  blood pressure , chronic pain,  helps in coping with illness , maintaining overall health and many other benefits are there .

It brings clarity and stability in thoughts,  action and behaviour .

types of meditation are there , so depending upon the requirement one must select, which type is best suited for them .

So, here are some known types of meditation :

1 Focused

2 Mind fullness

3 Transcendental

4 Spiritual

5 Movement

6 Progressive

7 Mantra

8 Loving – kindness

9 Visualizing

But , meditation should be done properly.  It can have negative effects, if not done in a right way .

So a guided meditation by a certified instructor is a recommendation.

All these are some tips,  and we must keep trying on different things to know what suits our body the most.

Exercise/ walk :

Walk , be it in the morning or evening ,is the key to a healthy body and   mind . It not only keeps you fit, but having a walk in the morning, also has a lot of good effects on your mental helath . It relaxes you and makes you energetic for the whole day . Simply, by  walking for just 40 minutes daily  and not doing heavy exercises ,we can remain fit  .  Now a days , a lot of yummy food with a lot of variations are available for fasting for  navratras, and we surely have tried them . But ,sometimes we end up eating a little more that makes us little lazy and urges us to take a  mini nap . So  light walking, a little after such a heavy diet ,can make us feel better .


So ,give these a try ,and do tell us if it makes any  difference.


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