The protest of selected Finance Accounts Assistant (FAA) candidates near Press Club Jammu, entered 24th day today.

For last 24 days, FAA selected candidates from different parts of Jammu have been sitting on protest near Press Club Jammu demanding release of their final selection list.

“We have studied hard and when we got selected, the government is saying that there is some scam. We want to ask authorities if they feel some of the candidates are scammers, why are hard-working students made to suffer. We want authorities to filter OMR sheets and find out scammers if any and stop playing with our future,” said a group of protesting aspirants.

“Almost the entire recruitment process for FAA has been completed and now, they are talking of scrapping it. Why does it take so long for the Government to question the recruitment process? We are not against the probe but that should be time-bound,” one of the protesters said, alleging that the rights of deserved candidates are being trampled in the name of the probe and alleged scams.