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What’s in a Gym Bag ? Know gym essentials

Gym,the most comforting and favourite place of some and there might be a few people for whom going to a gym is still a dream.

And you guys must be wondering what’s in the bag of those gym freaks ?

So here’s a list of all the items that one must carry ( and always Carries).

A must must to carry ,as it will help you to get rid of the super stinky sweat after the workout session .

Roll on :
Or an anti aspirant spray as workout will lead to sweat and it will stink for sure . So ,carry a roll on ,(these are super effective ) to let you going and yeah you will not have to avoid people for the reason. And yes ,you are ready to go wherever you want without having any tensions .

Gloves :
No,its not the gloves we wear in winters but rather it’s the workout gloves. These gloves will keep your hands in a better condition ,seriously . And specially for those who avoid wearing these gloves ,just give it a try and see the difference by yourself.

Shakers / Bottles :
For all the protein shakes and instant coffees gym freaks want ,this will surely help them and handy little things in your gym bag will keep you tension free .

Facewash and a moisturiser:
To keep you refreshing even after the heavy workout sessions .

A lock:
Yes , it might be confusing for you and you might be thinking what would be the use of a lock in the gym. But ,you neend it more than anything else ,as a lot of people go to gym and only you have to take care of essentials .

Water bottle:
Super essential product ,and yes if it is a filtered one or an infuser one , it will do wonders . Have some fruit infused water to keep you going.

Another essential thing for sure . To keep you going and for keeping you not distracted form the activities around you .

A spray:
Like moov or volini , to help you in emergency situations. Weightlifitng can cause certain injuries and can lead to pulling of the muscles so these will be of a great use.

Sanitizer :
People and sweat ,yes these are the reasons you need this essential and protect yourself from germs around you .

Smart watch :
Or any smartphone with health meters apps in it ,which ever you prefer to let know ,of you heart rate ,burning of calories and what not .

These were some gym bag essentials you must carry and yes carry whatever is according to you ,is required and suits you . Then carry your bag and enjoy your gym sessions .

HIYA ANEJA, Lifestyle Content Writer

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