Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said that soon elections will take place in the J&K UT as the central govt  is assessing the various polling station here for the election process because  after the abrogation  the favourable time has come.

Addressing  the press conference he said that there are no political worker presently who is under house arrest and there are 30,000 elected representatives which consists Panchs, Sarpanches DDC and urban local representatives and parliamentarians here who are elected by the people’s mandate.

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He further said the previous govts has provided jobs to the family members of those who are associated with terrorism but they have removed  them following due process of law  as  the present govt doesn’t believe in buying  the peace, because their policy from the beginning  have always been zero tolerance towards  terrorism and bargaining of peace.

Moreover he cited that AFSPA  cannot be removed presently from here as per now, because the Army is still needed at the borders and the statehood will be granted only when the appropirate time will come and when the delimitation exercise will be completed.

Earlier there were monthly Hartals  because of which schools, colleges and govt offices used to be badly affected but post-abrogation such strikes have become less in the valley, he said.