Jammu, 22 Sept: The local E-Rickshaw operators and Auto drivers on Thursday confronted each other in Kathua over their plying routes.

The members of both the parties today were reported confronting with each other over the sole issue of ferrying the passengers.

“We were crossing the road when we saw both these parties arguing and pushing each other on the road, we rushed there and averted the scuffle among E-Rickshaw and auto operators there. As for now we have pacified them but they are yet to reach a common consensus. We have informed the local SHO about this matter and have appealed to Regional Traffic Officer Jammu to solve their conflict officially through a order which allot them routes, the auto’s are still running on fuel and the local auto-drivers have been working here from a long time, but simultaneously we can’t avoid the grievances of e-rickshaw drivers as they also have to earn”, a local resident said.

He further said that both the members of their respective transport unions are not agreeing to a truce and there are chances that it could lead to  major ruckus  here if their issues are not dealt properly by the govt.

“Both the presidents are present here and we have advised them to meet the Deputy commissioner Kathua so that their concerns can be solved peacefully. They have decided mutually to not work today”, he added.

Aman Zutshi