The cricketing world was left in severe shock after receiving the news of passing away of Himachal Pradesh cricketer Sidharth Sharma. Sharma, who was part of the men’s senior Himachal team passed away on January 12 in a private hospital in Vadodara while being on the ventilator for the last two weeks. Sharma succumbed to multiple-organ failure.

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In the latest turn of events, Sidharth’s old friend and HP teammate Prashant Chopra revealed some of the heartbreaking details before the cricketer’s death. Chopra added that Sidharth’s father was in the Army and didn’t allow him to take up cricket initially, but the struggling cricketer asked his dad to allow him cricket while being in ICU which eventually made everyone emotional.

Late Himachal Pradesh cricketer Sidharth Sharma

“When he was in the ICU, he regained his consciousness but could not speak, so he asked the nurse to get him a piece of paper and wrote to his father:  Mujhe cricket khelne se rok na mat. Mujhe khelne dena (Please don’t stop me from playing cricket). Our manager was there, and when he told us this, we could not hold back our tears,” said Chopra while quoting Sidharth’s last statements as quoted by Sportstar.