BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said that the AAP government of the state had posed a serious challenge to the security system of the most sensitive state. The laxity adopted against the anti-national organizations has revived terrorism in the state.

Moreover, Bhagwant Mann, who campaigned selectively in distant states to fulfil the political ambitions of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, has left Punjab in the hands of unruly forces and at their mercy.

He said that the way Kejriwal tweets on the situation in Punjab shows that he has direct control over the state. The Chief Minister of a state like Punjab has become a “puppet” of Kejriwal.

What is the connection between the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party and terrorist incidents in the state? It is a matter of investigation. Chugh said, “During the last one and a half months of AAP government, there have been two dozen incidents of terrorist activities in the state, which is a matter of concern and a matter of great concern for the country.

Chugh questioned Kejriwal’s propriety for talking about the law and order situation in Punjab and asked, “Isn’t it a constitutional joke that the Chief Minister of Delhi is taking the responsibility of another state?”.

He said that Kejriwal Terrorists are becoming a threat to Punjab due to its background. Ever since Kejriwal stepped into Himachal Pradesh, it is no coincidence that Khalistani elements have become active in that peaceful state. Himachal has always been a peace-loving state. However, Kejriwal’s intervention in Punjab has given a fillip to the extremist elements. He advised Bhagwant Mann to learn to keep Kejriwal away from Punjab for peace in Punjab.

The attack on the Intelligence Headquarters of Punjab Police in Mohali indicates that terrorists have been encouraged by Kejriwal’s policies. Punjab Police has always stood up bravely against the extremist elements, but now the time has come that the entire force should be alert against the conspiracies of AAP.