Details of persons injured at Narwal blasts in Jammu

     Aman Zutshi

At least seven persons were injured at Narwal blasts in Jammu, today.

A senior police officer told that the blasts were reported from two vehicles, leading to injuries to seven persons.

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The injured persons have been identified as  Sohail Iqbal (35) s/o Mohd.Iqbal R/o Ustad Mohalla, Sushil Kumar (26) s/o Ramesh Kumar R/o Prem Nagar, Doda, Vishap Partap (25) s/o Babu Singh, R/o, Kanachak, Vinod Kumar (52) s/o Kaku Ram r/o Chak Baktawar RS Pura, Amit Kumar (40) s/o Gulshan Kumar r/o Bahu Fort, Rajesh Kumar (35) s/o Darshan Lal R/o Bagh-e-Bahu, Arun Kumar (25) Bagh-e-Bahu all residents of Jammu.

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The first took explosion took place at 11am and just after ten minutes another explosion took place at the same spot in Narwal, Jammu, the report said.

The local residents said that the explosion was such that it shattered the mirrors of their windows, the report added.

Soon after the blasts the injured were rushed to GMC, Bakshi Nagar for the treatment.