Deputy Mayor JMC, Purnima Sharma took review of the damaged that the residents of Kalika Colony faced due to heavy rainfall.
Sham Lal Corporator Ward no. 48, XEN JMC, AEE JMC, JE JMC and other locals of the area also accompanied the Hon’ble Deputy Mayor.
Due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, massive rain water accumulated in the area due to which damage was caused to the property in ward no. 48
Deputy Mayor visited the ward and conducted inspection. During the inspection, she took review of the damage caused due to the rainfall.
After the inspection, It was noted that only damage to only 4 houses was done and no damage to any life was caused. Deputy Mayor ensured the residents of the damaged properties that they will be relocated to the nearest safe shelter after She discussed the situation with the Divisional Commissioner Jammu and the Commissioner JMC. She further said that she will try her best to provide whatever relief is possible to the sufferers(Residents of the damaged houses).
Adv. Purnima Sharma, Hon’ble Deputy Mayor while addressing the general public appealed not to wander out of there houses unnecessarily as COVID-19 cases are still on the rise and only to go out when it’s important and while wearing masks and practicing social distancing.