The Central Government must declare the lumpy skin disease (LSD) as a pandemic immediately so that the affected states could get relief from disaster relief funds and effective treatment could be provided to the sick animals.

This was stated by office bearers of Jammu and Kashmir Dairy Farming Association (JKDFA) during a press conference organized, here today. They said J&K has been battling the outbreak of LSD and the disease has impacted a large number of cattle, especially cows, in parts of the Union Territory.

“The disease has been causing thousands of deaths of milking animals which has caused financial losses to the livestock owners but the Government has not provided any relief to depressed owners on the lines of aid or assistance being provided to the industrialists,” they deplored.

The JKDFA members said that animals succumbing to LSD are being disposed of in an unscientific manner whereas infected are being unchained in the open to roam about thereby causing infection to spread. They added that there is no regular monitoring of the emergent situation either by the concerned Union Ministry concerned or UT Government for effective prevention of the disease at the grassroots level.

They said animals died with LSD should be disposed in a scientific manner, which will help in controlling the infection. Control rooms should also be set up in all districts for proper monitoring of the spread of infection, they asserted.

“Near about 2000 cattle have been died of this disease and 35,000-40,000 are affected in J&K. The Government always provides support to sick industries whenever any problem arises. Similarly, on this pattern, milk industry should also be supported in this difficult time,” they urged the Government.

The JKDFA members demanded the Government to constitute a committee comprising farmer representatives for the assessment of the losses and accordingly compensate the huge loss caused by the LSD in order to re-establish the dairy sector.