Death of baby: Father alleges medical negligence in Jammu


Jammu: A husband of a pregnant woman on Saturday alleged that the baby in his wife’s womb had died because of medical negligence of doctors at Sub District Hospital Udhampur ,Jammu.

“On 16th Jan, I took my wife to District hospital Udhampur as she was writhing in pain cause of pregnancy, but when we went there a doctor namely Pooja Gupta told us to visit tomorrow as she cannot do the ultra sound today and suggested to take my wife to a private clinic”, Mr Rakesh Kumar baby’s father said.

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“I got my wife checked at a private clinic and my baby’s report came out normal”, Rakesh said.

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“We collected the ultrasound report at 2pm, but at 3pm my wife began to feel intense pain in her womb. I rushed her to the hospital and where doctors told me that she is feeling pain cause of cold and a cup of tea will comfort her”, he said.

He further said that his wife again began to writhe in pain around 2:00 in the night he again rushed her to the hospital.

“When we arrived at hospital, we told the attending doctor to attend my wife as she is pregnant and is in intense pain. A nurse was using mobile that time and after frequents she injected her two injections which pacified my wife for sometime”, Rakesh remarked.

“At 5am the nurse told me that the baby has shitted inside my wife’s womb & something had to be done quickly. I ran towards the doctor and told my wife’s plight. He said that they have to do a operation urgently “, he added.

“The doctor told me to fill a form giving my consent that the hospital will not take any onus if anything happens to the patient after the operation”, he said.

Rakesh said that he agreed to doctor’s demand and filled the form in haste as he had no option left.

“After sometime my wife called me and said that the doctor’s are not doing anything. I again went to the doctor and pleaded him with folded hands to help my wife, but he kept on saying that his team is coming”, Rakesh told media.

“Then at 8am in the morning a nurse informed me that my baby has died and I can take the foetus home”, he further said.

“At 9am the doctors sutured my my wife’s womb and left some parts in it and she has been feeling severe pain since then”, he said.

“Today I admitted her at Shalamar hospital and the doctor’s told me that my wife’s delivery would have been normal, but they killed my baby. If I would have rushed my wife here, we would have not lost our baby”, he remarked.