Dangri couple, granddaughter’s brush with death

An elderly couple along with their grand-daughter escaped miraculously in a terror attack in Dangri village of Rajouri although the terrorists spraying bullets had entered their house on the fateful evening of January 1.

Their dwelling was the fourth house, where the terrorists had entered that evening to carry out a dastardly attack on civilians belonging to the minority community.

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At the time of the incident, there were three people inside the house. They included Nirmal Devi, her husband and their grand-daughter.

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Nirmal Devi, an eye witness, said that two terrorists entered the house from their rear gate. Her husband was sleeping in one of the rooms. Seeing the gun-wielding terrorists, she pleaded mercy and told them that she was there with her grand-daughter in the house.

“They initially fired at our dog but the canine had a miraculous escape. The bullets hit the wall, where the dog was chained but it remained unhurt,” she recalled those nightmarish moments.

“I folded my hands in front of them after which they checked the first room and found none. Then they entered the second room, where television was on. The terrorists fired on it (TV) and damaged it. The bullet marks can be seen on the wall also,” she recounted the horrific incident. “Fortunately, they did not enter the room where my husband was sleeping. The gun-wielding duo after aiming fire at the TV fled from the spot. That day we had a brush with death. It was a miraculous escape for us,” she recalled.