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Daily Wager Suffers Kidney Failure on Wedding Day, Now Looks for Financial Assistance



Dilip Singh, a 26-year-old from Sear Sundwa village of Reasi who once used to work in cities like Pune and Mumbai as a daily wager to look after his family, is now struggling for his life. Dilip is suffering from kidney failure, and his family doesn’t have enough money to provide him with better treatment.

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In his family, Dilip has four brothers and a wife. On the day of his wedding, he suffered from a fever, and as he went to the hospital for treatment, he came to know that his kidneys had failed.

While speaking to JK Media, Dilip said, “the doctors have told us that it will cost 15-18 lakh rupees for my treatment, but we are a poor family, how can we afford such a vast amount. Currently, I’ve to undergo dialysis twice a week at Narayana Hospital in Katra with the help of Ayushman yojana, but in the next 4-3 months, the policy’s limit will get over”.

Individuals, NGOs willing to Help can contact on the mobile number below-



Power shutdown in THESE areas of Jammu district




Power shutdown

Chief Engineer (Distribution), (JPDCL), Jammu has informed that power supply to Pargwal, Channi Tanna, Rajpura, Bhalwal, Bharat, Dhalwal, Miulu, Hamipurkona, BSF, Batera, Dabbin, Chorpur, Manyal, Dharmkhu, TirthTalab, GREF, Gumpul, Sua No.-1, Garkhal, PHE, Central Jail, Kote Bhalwal and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 23 from 09 am to 02 pm.

Similarly, the power supply to Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Gole Market, Govt. Hospital Gandhi Nagar, Nanak, Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Gandhi Nagar Govt. Hospital and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 23 from 07 am to 10 am.

Likewise, the power supply to Mandal, Gurha, Raya, Smailpur and its adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 23 from 08 am to 01 pm.

Similarly, the power supply to Billawar, Mandi, Phinter, Parnalla and adjoining areas of Baggan shall remain affected on September 23 and 25 from 09 am to 02 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Simbal, Kullian, Makhanpur, Shahdullah and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 23 and 25 from 09.30 am to 12 noon.

Similarly, the power supply to Roop Nagar, Lower Roop Nagar, Housing Colony, Chinor, Durga Nagar, Buta Nagar and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 24 from 09 am to 02 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Badyal Brahmana, BSF and Kadyal shall remain affected on September 24 from 08 am to 01 pm.

Meanwhile, Superintending Engineer (Distribution), (JPDCL), O&M Circle, Kathua has informed that power supply to Logate Industry, PHE, Sahar and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 23 and 24 from 10 am to 02 pm.

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LKG student runs away from home after getting beaten up by parents




LKG student, Niharika ran away from her house in Jammu on Tuesday evening. When stopped by the locals, she started crying and said that her parents beat and bullied her.

According to the lady who took Niharika to Bahu Fort Police Station said that she had bruises on her body and didn’t want to return home. She was scared and had her toothbrush and clothes with her.

“It was around 5 pm and I was driving home after my tuitions. This little girl was running barefooted with things in her hand. She appeared from a good background. Many tried to stop her but she was quick.” said Sandeep Kaur Sodhi

“On getting hold of her, she started crying and showed the bruises on her arms and legs. She was brutally beaten and wanted to run to School. It looked like she had planned to leave home.” She added

Niharika’s parents were called to Bahu Fort Police Station for enquiry and investigation. It was found that her Father has been married twice and she’s currently living with her step mother who accepts that she had beaten Niharika.

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media

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Reliance Retail Store In Jammu: Jammu Remained Closed Against Discrimination, Business Establishments not Open




Reliance Retail Store

Despite the formation of a Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu bandh on Wednesday had an overall effect in protest against the continuing discrimination from the Jammu division and not taking care of the business interests of Jammu. As a result, business establishments remained closed in Jammu and other districts during the bandh.


Shops remained closed in most of the markets of Jammu city during the bandh. Except for medicine shops, all other shops have been closed since morning. Since today’s bandh was for the issues of the traders, the traders kept their shops closed without any coercion.


Supporting the Jammu bandh, on Wednesday, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association also suspended work today. As a result, the lawyers did not appear during the hearing of the cases during this period, due to which the court work was also affected to some extent.


During the Jammu bandh, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry workers, Jammu demonstrated outside the Chamber House located at Railhead Complex. In contrast, the shopkeepers of Traders Federation Ware House-Nehru Market demonstrated outside the Ware House during the bandh. Warehouse traders mainly opposed the opening of Reliance Retail store, saying that they would oppose the government’s move till the end.


Amish Mahajan

Content Writer

JK Media 

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