Jammu, November 26, 2022: In a freak incident, Manohar Lal resident of  Ramnagar who is living in a rented room in Bari Brahmana, Jammu was robbed of Rs 2 lakh by cyber scammers yesterday, when they called him disguising as customer care person and looted money from him by hacking his  account details.

According to report, the theft happened when the victim got an call on his mobile from an unidentified man disguising as company’s customer care, who told Manohar that his mobile sim services would expire if he fail to recharge his sim-card.

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“I got a call from an unknown man in afternoon on yesterday, who faked as customer care and told me to get my sim-card recharge otherwise it will  get de-activate, I aborted his call suspecting cyber-fraud. After ten minutes he called me again and said that my mobile needs to be recharged to continue mobile services. He asked me to download an application known as ‘Screw Cap’ and said to fill my paytm account details in it. I grew suspicious of him, when I did not received a text message cause usually we get one on paying”, he said.

The victim further said that he had two lakhs and two-hundred ten rupees in his bank account before the on-line scam.

“In the evening, when I received texts on my mobile of money deductions, I called the scammer again and asked why lakhs of rupees are deducted from my bank account. He paid no heed to my discrepancies and aborted the call”, he added.

Moreover, he said that he had to borrow money from someone to register complain at local cyber-police station. He further said that the cyber fraudsters stole his hard-earned-money and left him in shock.

Aman Zutshi