Cyber scammer hacks email of woman, steals Rs 1.5 lakh from account in Jammu

Ashish Kohli

Jammu, Dec 31: A Cyber scam has appeared in which a cyber-fraudster hacked a woman’s email account and stole Rupees 1.5 lakh from her bank account in Jammu on Saturday.

According to the report, a cyber criminal hacked an email account of a woman identified as Vasudha and stole one and half lakh rupees from her bank account.

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Ms Vasudha told the media that a person hacked her mobile’s gmail id and got access to her bank account numbers from the mails which she received from the shopping deductions of money in Jammu.

“He first hacked my e-mail and might have gained access to my bank accounts through the mails which I received from the money deductions when I use to shop from differnet shopping websites. At first, I received two mails of money deductions of Rupees 4,000 on my mobile, and till now approximately he has stolen Rs 1.5 lakh from my account”, she said.

She further said that the local residents of Jammu should be vigilant of such cyber criminals in Jammu and appealed the people to forward her message.

Aman Zutshi