Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took another swipe at Prime Minister on Sunday, saying the the PM does not believe in the capability and valour of the Indian Army.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi wrote, “Everybody believes in the capability and valour of the Indian army. Except the PM: Whose cowardice allowed China to take our land. Whose lies will ensure they keep it.”

Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister’s ‘cowardice’ has allowed China to ‘take our land’.

He further said that the PM’s ‘lies will ensure’ that China keeps the land.

Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly questioned the Prime Minister over the border standoff with China, alleging that the PM has not revealed the truth about it.

Earlier this month, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi spoke lie on Chinese incursion, insulted soldiers.

Last month, the Congress leader released a video on Twitter, attacking the Modi government over its handling of the China issue. In the video, Gandhi said that China’s actions have been prompted by India’s disruption over 6 years.