Kashmir trade and local businesses have suffered a loss of approximately 20,000 crore during the five-month-long Covid-19 lockdown.

Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) president Aijaz Shahdhar claimed that a preliminary survey showed that “the loss figure is over Rs 20,000 crore”.
The KTA said the lockdown had not led to a decrease in Covid-19 positive cases and therefore the government should relax the same.

“In the first phase of the lockdown, shops, businesses and shopping malls remained closed for three consecutive months. During this period, the number of cases still increased. In the second phase, shops in Srinagar and other districts were kept closed for 20 consecutive days, but even during that period, the number of coronavirus cases increased. After Eid, shops and businesses have been closed but we still have around 500 positive cases every day,” he said.

Shahdar advised the government to withdraw restrictions and instead ensure implementation of Covid-related standard operating procedures in the markets.