Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday noted that Covid-19 cases are rising in many countries and asked people to take precautions to remain safe. Modi said many people are on a vacation or will go on one during Christmas and New Year and urged them to follow protocols like wearing masks and washing hands to ensure that their enjoyment is not affected adversely by the virus.

“You are also seeing that corona is increasing in many countries of the world, so we have to take more care of precautions like masks and hand washing. If we are vigilant, then we will be safe and there will be no hindrance in our gaiety,” Modi said on his last Mann ki Baat show of 2022.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in China, paralysing the country’s healthcare system, the Centre has laid out several guidelines that can help Indians tide against the BF.7 Covid-19 variant.

“Next time, we will meet in 2023. I wish all of you the best for the year 2023. May this year also be special for the country, may the country keep touching new heights, together we have to take a resolution as well as make it come true,” Modi said on the show.

The prime minister said the outgoing year, 2022, has been inspirational to India in many ways.

Modi also spoke on evidence-based research in the context of scriptures like yoga and Ayurveda.

“When it comes to modern medical science, the most important thing is – evidence. Lack of evidence-based research in the context of our scriptures like yoga and ayurveda has always been a challenge which has been a part of Indian life for centuries- results are visible, but the evidence is not. But, I am happy that in the era of evidence-based medicine, yoga and ayurveda are now standing up to the touchstone of tests of the modern era,” Modi said.

“All of you must have heard about the Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai. This institute has earned a name for itself in research, innovation and cancer care. An intensive research done by this centre has revealed that yoga is very effective for breast cancer patients. Tata Memorial Center has presented the results of its research at the very prestigious breast cancer conference held in America. These results have attracted the attention of the world’s biggest experts,” Modi added.