After witnessing a surge in Covid cases from last month, Jammu and Kashmir is once again on decline as active cases have reduced from over 5,200 to around 3,300 in the last 12 days.

As per the data, the active in J&K presently are 3,327 while  the cases reached 5,261 on 6 August and number of active cases in Jammu have reduced to 512 which were around 2,000 before some days.

The total number of active cases in Jammu and Kashmir are 3,327 including 2,815 from Kashmir division and 512 from Jammu division

Officials told KNO the cases showed an upward trend in Jammu division first followed by Kashmir and similarly cases are on decline in Jammu first followed by Srinagar.

They said that the majority of affected persons were unaware that they had COVID as they never tested for it and despite being positive, they kept on doing their routine activities as symptoms were like the common flu.

There was no severity of currently circulating strain as it mainly affects the upper respiratory tract and as such the hospital admissions as of now were minimal with those having comorbidities being hospitalized.

They said that the positivity rate in J&K is decreasing now and it is likely that sub lineages of omicron were behind the recent surge.

The common symptoms in positive persons in this surge were of mild form presenting with fever, body aches, sore throat and cough and the person was recovering within 2 to 4 days.

The variant wasn’t so aggressive as the hospital admissions didn’t increase like we witnessed in the second wave, they said