Police on Sunday arrested a couple for allegedly indulging in ‘indecent activities’ and hugging each other while riding a bike in the Durg region.

A video of the same went viral after which the Police took cognisance of the matter and came into action. In the video, the girl sat opposite the guy and hugged her while the guy was riding the bike. Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek Pallav said: “A video of a couple who were driving recklessly and doing obscene scenes went viral. The Police took cognizance of it and registered a case. Both of them have been arrested.”

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During the investigation into the matter, Police found out that the bike that the couple was riding was actually a stolen vehicle and they didn’t have any documents related to the bike. “The bike they were using did not have a registration plate and during the probe, it was found that the bike was stolen from a village a year back. The market price of the bike is Rs 1.50 lakh but the accused bought it for Rs 9,000 without any documents. The bike has now been seized,” SP Pallav added.