Jammu, December 12,2022: Two cooking gas cylinders exploded at a shack near Digiana Pulli in Jammu, on Monday.

As per the report, the incident came to light when two cylinders exploded in a shack in Digiana Pulli and caught fire turning the shacks into mound of ash. Soon after the explosion of cylinders, the fire tenders were called on the scene of the incident to douse off the fire.

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Fortunately, no one sustained injuries in this untoward incident.

A occupant of the shack said that they went to fetch water outside, when the explosion happened in their shanties.

“We consider ourselves lucky that no one from our family suffered in this tragedy. Our children are alive and that’s all we want. We were on our work, when this explosion took place”, a female occupant of the shack said.

Aman Zutshi