Kathua, 12 Sept, 22: The Construction Workers Union on Monday held agitation in favour of their demands in Kathua.

Shouting slogans against the govt and the company which has been given the Expressway construction work, the anguished labourers expressed their demands to the media.

One of the protestors allegedly said that the Hyderabad Company which has been given contract to build the Expressway here in Jammu is not employing the local workers.

He further said that the Head of the company has refused to appoint the local labourers of Jammu in his company by saying that he won’t employ the local workers.

“There’s a provision that whenever the administration gives tender to a company then that company is bound to sign an MoU ( Memorandum of Understanding) with the govt, in which they state that they will provide work to the local unskilled/skilled workers of that area/state. But no such thing was taken into consideration. We have also sent our resumes many times to this company for work but they rejected us and appointed the non-local workers over us,” he added.

He further added that this is in-justice with the local workers of Jammu whose land is being used for this construction work.

“They are using our land, our place and denying employment to us, we reject this proposal and we will fight against this behaviour of the company. We want the intervention of local govt in this matter”, he said.

Aman Zutshi