“Congress will do everything to restore statehood of J-K”, Rahul Gandhi

Jammu: The Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra caravan today made further inroads into the Jammu city and arrived at Satwari.

Where it halted for sometime to address the local public.

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Addressing the locals, Rahul Gandhi, said, “scores of people  are in this Yatra with me and they would have not thought that we would learn so much from the people while travelling”.

“We received too much warmth from the farmers, labourers, small businessmen, children, sisters, mothers, women they spoke their hearts out to us and shared their pain and woes” he said.

“The farmers informed us about the policies of govt, small traders talked about demonetisation, GST, and said what should have been done during the covid pandemic”, he remarked.

“The citizens here speak diverse languages and have plethora of ideas, history. But they live together with each other with love”, Rahul said.

“We have come here to do business of love in the market of hatred and what we witnessed during our excursion is that people are embracing love”, Rahul added.

“In our Yatra we saw summer, torrents, cold, different weathers but we didn’t stopped. There are so many challenges ahead for our country. Democracy is being targeted in the country,

“Before the Yatra we tried to raise concerns of famers, labourers, GST, demonetisation and various grievances of masses in the parliament, but they use to stop us from discussing these concerns and our mikes used to be muffled”, he said.

“Media is suppose to safeguard democracy and to bring truth to the fore. Recently in a press conference I put a question to the press that why they twenty hours use to talk about PM, celebrities and why not they highlight issues of the masses”, he remarked.

“I also asked the media why don’t they highlight encroachment drive of J-K residents, issues of Kashmiri Pandits”, Rahul said addressing the public.

“A delegation of Kashmiri pandits in the morning met me and said that LG has told them not to beg, but I want to say they are not begging as they are just asking for their demands and he should apologise to them”, Rahul said.

“The business in J-K is being run by the outsiders and not by the locals. Their business is being snatched by them and the administration ignores natives”, Rahul added.

“We will put our efforts to reinstate statehood of J&K”, Rahul said.