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Clash amid Lohri celebrations reported in Jammu

Last night during Lohri celebrations in Bus Stand of Jammu, a clash happened among the local shopkeepers and 2 drunk men who claimed to be Policemen. The shopkeepers called the media while the incident was recorded in the CCTV cameras.

“We were celebrating Lohri and dancing around the fire. Suddenly, 2 people came in a grey metallic Baleno car without number plate and started shouting at us. They even beat us. When we tried to raise our hands at them, they escaped by claiming themselves to be Policemen and showing us their cards. However, we weren’t able to see those cards properly.” Said a shopkeeper.

Not only this, the 2 men were found guilty of abusing some passengers who were about to board a bus.

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“The 2 policemen were so drunk that they abused some Bihari passengers who were boarding a bus. They even misbehaved with the ticket collector and blackmailed each one of us by their Police cards. When we threatened them of complaining in the Police Station and calling media, they immediately started the car and ran away.” added another.

The recorded CCTV footage is an evidence of the incident. The concern is whether the culprits were Policemen for real or not. Police would be investigating about it.

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media





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