Jammu, 15 September, 2022: In a shocking incident, a mob of some men were seen thrashing a young man in Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.

As per the report, This attack took place at Ramnagar market of Gandhi Nagar, Jammu which was captured by the installed CCTV camera there. The video went viral on 11th september of this month.

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The sources has told the media that the unidentified persons thrashed the victim because he has prevented one of them in doing  something there earlier, after which that man called some of his aides who then began hitting the man in the presence of the on-lookers there.

Later, on 14th of this month when the case was brought to the notice of the local police, they registered  the FIR against the accused persons taking cognizance of this matter.

It has been reported that the Gandhi Nagar police has identified the persons who were seen beating the man in the footage.

Aman Zutshi