A man from Jammu lost 3 lakh rupees to cyber fraud. The man came across an advertisement on Facebook it was regarding taking a loan via an app called ” Insta loan “.

While explaining the incident, the man said, ” I downloaded that application, and it was written that you’d be granted a loan of rupees 7,000. He further said that his loan got approved, and he received an amount of rupees 3,500 in his bank account.

The application had a rule that one has to repay the loan within one month with an interest rate of 3,000 rupees. However, after six days of taking the loan, the man said, ” a notification flashed on my screen which read today is the last date to repay the loan amount ” he said that he was taken aback when he read the notification as there was one month period available to him to repay the amount as per the rules of the application.

The fraudsters started blackmailing him by hacking his phone, including his gallery and contact list, and his data was shared with at least fifteen other locations. Succumbing to the fraudsters’ constant pressure, the man lost around 3 lakh rupees to this cyber fraud. Next, he narrated the entire incident to his family, which suggested that he lodge an FIR against those cyber fraudsters with the Cyber Police.

All the citizens have advised it to be aware of such frauds.

Aditi Tikku