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“Can’t Modi Ji see we are dying of hunger?” Home guards protest in Jammu

Home guards protested on the streets of Jammu demanding justice for their salaries. According to them, even after Supreme Court’s decision in their favour, they’re being deprived of their wages.

“The Home guards do their duty with their soul. The Supreme Court and High Court gave the decision in Home Guards’ favour where they said that their salaries would be equal to that of Constables which amounts to Rupees 30-40,000 while they get only 2700 rupees per month. Do they deserve this even after passing all the requirements? This matter should be solved on priority basis because the employees are overage now. They’ve served the Department for 15-20 years and cannot switch their jobs now. Also, if the Government doesn’t consider this topic, then the protest in the coming days would be worse.” said an official

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A lady employee said “Ek vidhaan, Ek nishaan, Ek samvidhan’ is what the PM said when he was elected. Is it getting implemented? Today we all lady employees are standing here with bowls in our hands to beg for our rights. The decisions are taken in Cabinet. Tell them to run their houses with 2700 rupees. Is it possible? We leave our families behind to serve our Nation still we are struggling!”

“In 2014 when Modi Ji visited Jammu he told that he was unaware about the struggles we are facing and assured to solve them as soon as he gets elected. Where are the promises? The Supreme Court gave us justice in 2015 then why isn’t the Administration following it? Is this the respect you are giving to ladies? At least respect the uniform of the female workers who sacrifice their lives on the borders. We are ready to work on the borders but the Government needs to think about us.” She added

She further added that the PM should provide food and justice to all the workers who are still struggling to get their justified amount in return. “All the local leaders must convey our messages to LG Sir, Home Minister and PM because we are fighting for our right since years. It’s better to give poison to us and our kids if they can’t provide justice.”

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