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Busting Some Common Foundation Myths

Foundation is makeup’s most difficult category, and the cringe-worthy photos of ours with oxidised shades, an unblended line and a caked on face serve as a proof. Finding the right product can be tricky, especially because there is so much information and misinformation out there on the subject. Yes, mostly instagram.

For example, did you know that applying three coats of light-coverage foundation is not the same as applying one coat of a full-coverage option? Or that you shouldn’t be applying any type of foundation directly to your face? Surprising right? I know. To clear up some of the most common misconceptions in the makeup world, let’s dive into some myths.


Myth 1: Heavy foundation means best coverage


In spite of popular belief, “full-coverage” and “heavy formulas” are not the exclusive ways to get the heaviest coverage. While you certainly can cover your skin with something more intense, if that’s what you’re into, a light or sheer product is also fully capable of doing the trick. Layering a foundation will get you the perfect, full coverage you are looking for, while still allowing your skin to look like skin.

Myth 2: Foundation should be applied directly onto your face

It’s very tempting to squirt your foundation straight onto your fingers or sponge and slather it onto your skin, but there’s a middle step you might be missing that will make application more seamless. I suggest putting it on the back of your hand first to warm it up because foundation blends into skin better when it’s closer to skin temperature.

Myth 3: You can use the same foundation all year long

Yes, the idea of buying different foundations for different seasons is annoying but not as annoying as seeing a photo of yourself and realizing your face is a totally different color than your body. It’s always a good idea to have a foundation wardrobe in order to avoid these kinds of mishaps. Ideally, you’d have a shade and formula you use during the humid summer months when your skin is likely to be more tan and one you rely on when your skin gets dry and more pale in the winter.

Myth 4: You don’t need a primer

While there are certain foundations out there that don’t need a primer to help keep them in place, you’ll probably want to add the step before applying most other products on the market. A primer is what sets your makeup and provides the perfect canvas for application. Plus, there are primers for all different skin types these days.

Myth 5: Your foundation can help you fake a tan

If you are a regular SPF wearer, foundation seems like the easiest product pick for helping you fake your glow. But when you use a darker shade to try and look tan, you could wind up simply looking


like, you’re wearing the wrong shade. Always try to match your foundation to your skin. If you want to get a faux glow, lightly apply a bronzer to the apples of your cheeks instead.


I hope that you also leave these myths behind you and ace that base everytime you slap some makeup on.


U.s.lima, lifestyle content creator

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