Jammu, 4 Sept, 2022: A strange burglary case has been reported in which the thieves have stolen a Wedding horse from a house located in Bari Brahmana’s Teli Basti area.

According to the report, The incident occurred when three thieves at around midnight broke into a house and stole the wedding horse worth of rupees 90’000.

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Salman the stolen horse owner said that at around 12:30am, the thieves opened the ropes of the tied horse and took it away. He further said that the burglars have also been captured in the CCTV footage, but nobody is able to recognize them.

“We use to have 8-9 horses in our stable but they all died and now we are left with these two and its sad that one of them has been stolen. We will reward rupees 5000 to that person who will  give us inputs about our stolen horse”, he said.

Farooq a local resident said that these horse vendors have only these horses from which they earn their livelihood and four months ago their 8-7 horses died, for which they have suffered huge losses.

He further said that the local police should help these wedding horse vendors in recovering their horse from the burglars.

Anyone with information regarding the stolen horse is asked by the horse vendor to call via the given number ‘9622048662’ or the people can also report to their nearest police station, the report said.

Aman Zutshi