Jammu, December 3, 2022: Displaying courage and presence of mind at the same time, a street vendor in Jammu, who works near canal road at jewel (Jammu), caught a fleeing bike-borne snatcher, yesterday.

It has been learned from the report that the thief was escaping on the bike with his partner-in-crime after stealing the woman’s purse on the canal road, when a vendor who was present there on the scene of incident ran towards the thieves and caught them.

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The vendor said that there use to be heavy traffic and crowd after 5pm here on canal road and taking benefit of this situation the burglar stole woman’s purse in which she might be carrying cash, mobile phone and other valuable things.

“I saw two snatchers who came on bike and stole the woman’s purse who was standing here  with her child and when her purse got stolen, she shouted at the robbers and alerted the people. On hearing her scream, I left my cart and ran towards the perpetrator and caught him and handed him over to canal road police station”, the vendor said.

Aman Zutshi