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‘Black patch inside your mouth or nose may be an alert for Black Fungus’: Dr. Rakesh Behl



Dr. Rakesh Behl had an exclusive interview with JK 24*7 News executive Anil Sharma. Dr. Behl talked about the current condition of covid-19 virus in the UT and the emerging Black Fungus infection.

Q. Sir, recently an update was issued that around 45% of J&K’s population has been vaccinated. What is your take on that?

The vaccination drive in the UT is going extremely well. People are showing great enthusiasm towards the process. They reach the centres on time and sometimes we notice that the crowd is more than the expectations. This is a positive point as vaccination will boost their immunity and eventually the covid graph will decline.

Also, our beneficiaries reach the centres before time and all the facilities are arranged. Everyone, I must say be it an official or a common man is showing his interest in the process.

Q. What is Black Fungus exactly?

Black Fungus is an opportunistic infection. It has been found in some of the patients at the Hospital who have a very low immunity. Some patients who have low immunity or high sugar levels are opportunistic to this infection. For example covid and cancer patients have a weak immune system.

Many such cases have been detected across the Country and unfortunately we also had one case in our region. Individually it’s a great loss but comparatively its just a fraction of a percent.

Q. Many people doubt Black Fungus to be a contagious infection. Is it true?

Absolutely no! Black Fungus is completely different from the corona virus. Black Fungus generally affects people who are indoor, already are immuno compromised and are on oxygen equipments or ventilators. Mostly happens through environmental contamination.

It shouldn’t happen by coming in contact with the other person but everyone is advised to follow the precautions. No risk at this time is appreciated! Please maintain your personal hygiene and if a patient is on oxygen at home, make sure the cylinder tube is washed in a detergent and then dipped in the antiseptic everyday.

One can also use two sets of masks and plastic tube so that their alternate usage is done. Everyday the patient will have fresh equipments for oxygen and this way they can prevent the infection at their own level. Also, don’t forget to use sanitisers regularly.

Q. Are there any symptoms of the Black Fungus? How can one know that he’s been affected by it?

See I already told that a fraction of just one percent has been affected by it. It mostly happens to covid patients who are one ventilators and most probably admitted in the Hospitals. So, thinking about this topic would be a waste of energy. However, a black patch inside your mouth or nose can be an alert about the infection.

Q. Many 18+ people aren’t able to book slots online and there’s a lot if chaos at the vaccination centres. How do you see these 2 things?

Firstly, chaos and rush at the centres is the positive response of the people for the vaccination program. Everyone is giving their 100% in it. Secondly, not being able to book slots can be a technical issue on the web portal. So many people try to register at the same time so the site may get hanged.

Rest, the vaccination process in India has been on time. It started on 16th January and even after vaccinating 3 different groups we are currently with the 18+ group. So catering such a huge number of people in a country with 135 crore population is really good. I don’t think we are late at anything!

Q. The figures of covid patients are touching the sky even during the lockdown. What do you think is the reason?

See on the National level, figures are decreasing but on the State level, I agree figures aren’t going down but they are fluctuating. After a rise in the graph, there’s a plateau. Everyday the figures are around 4,000. They don’t go above that inspite of being 5,000 some time back. So, I think in coming 7-8 days the graph will decline, the plateau will break and we would have less number of patients.

Q. The second wave has affected people a lot and Administration has been a failure in that. What would be the preparations for the third wave because it will more effective on the children?

There are a lot of patients suffering from the covid-19, more than anyone would’ve ever imagined. Still, every patient is being treated and taken care of. He’s getting the required look after and medicines. So, calling it an administrative failure Would be wrong! Every Hospital in the UT is working for the welfare of patients and our recovery rate is really high.

I agree the cases are continuously been reported but recovery is also being seen. It’s not a failure. It’s a success!

Third wave is being anticipated on the scientific grounds. It’s not necessary that it will happen but ‘it can’ happen. The preparations are just like the first and the second wave. However, more Hospitals and more staff is being arranged and it is a good step to deal with the effects of the third wave.

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media


DC de-notified 12 Micro Containment Zones




Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Ashok Sharma said that 12 micro containment zones have been de-notified after extensive testing and zero COVID positive reports. He said 16 other micro-containment zones would be de-notified as and when the administration is fully satisfied about the safety in these areas.

Briefing the media about the Covid situation, he complemented the PRIs, Health education department, Education Department, Police Department, Rural Development Department and Social welfare Department for their extensive efforts in combating the pandemic.

Giving details, the DC informed that during the 2nd wave 1475 cases were reported in the District, out of which 1260 have recovered and 201 are still active, which is the lowest number since March, 2021. Among them 13 are admitted in District Hospital, 33 are in CCCs and rest are in home isolation and are being provided medical treatment.

He briefed that the recovery rate has continuously picked up, while the positivity rate dropped to 2.70% this week.

He further said that the district has inoculated 72.85% persons of 45 yr old and above till date, while door to door Vaccination drive is being conducted in the district to cover the rest.

Concerned tehsildars and BDOs under the supervision of SDMs are closely monitoring the progress on vaccination and the Covid Mitigation measures in the district, he informed.

While giving details about the Covid care, he informed that sufficient oxygen cylinders and concentrators are available in the District, while 882 Covid Kits containing essential medicines and oximeter have been distributed among the COVID positive patients till date.

He appealed the masses to stick to the COVID19 appropriate behaviour and follow the SOPs in letter and spirit to break the chain completely.

Further, the DC Kishtwar informed that the people can approach the district administration on the Twitter account of DC Kishtwar: @dckishtwar and the official Twitter account of DIC Kishtwar: @Dkishtwar.

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Jammu: Woman dies in road accident




A woman was killed on Sunday morning in a road accident near Assar area of Doda.

Soon after the mishap, police along with locals reached the spot and started a rescue operation.

The lady has been identified as Babita Manhas.

Further details awaited

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OPD services commence at SMGS Hospital Jammu




The OPD Services, on prior appointment basis, will resume in SMGS Hospital from June 14, 2021 on all working days. The appointment for Monday shall be given on Saturday.

The patients can take appointment for Paediatrics on mobile phone number 9541925359; for ENT on 9541925360; For Obst & Gynae 9541925361 and for Dermatology (Skin) 9541925362.

As per an order issued in this regard, the OPDs will be operational from the respective OPD Sections from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm.

The appointment will be given by the respective department staff nominated by the concerned HoD through phone call on the dedicated mobile phone number provided to each department.

The dedicated Mobile Phone Number will be operational from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm on all working days for fixing the appointments.
The total number of appointments per speciality shall not be more than 25 patients per day, which is subject to revision considering the future trend of COVID-19 pandemic.

At all cost Covid Appropriate Behaviour shall be observed by everyone in all departments/sections of the hospital including registration and OPD area. Each patient will be accompanied by not more than one attendant who must be wearing proper face masks.

The patients are advised to attend the OPD by prior appointment only, failing which they may be liable not to be examined by the doctors in OPD.

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Covid-19 Stats

13 Jun 2021, 6:57 AM (GMT)

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