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Black Fungus epidemic , HERE’S HOW TO PREVENT IT



As per the GOI ( Government Of India), Cases of mucormycosis, or “black fungus,” a potentially serious condition that causes blurred or double vision, chest pain and breathing difficulties, have surged in India, mostly among COVID-19 patients. At least 8,848 such cases have been found across the country as of May 21. The numbers are alarming. Not only black, but now white and even yellow fungus are becoming a cause of concern.


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From the past few days, Jammu also got hit by this deadly fungus, which, in extreme cases can get into intestines as well. Taking into consideration how serious it can get, the Government of J&K not only issued advisory, but also declared it as an epidemic.

Not only Jammu, but now cases are being reported in Kashmir as well.

Please take care of your family and follow Covid appropriate behavior because “ prevention is better than cure”.

Here are some of the symptoms through which you can detect this deadly side effect of steroids that are given to Covid positive patients. So, if you are recovering or have recovered, take a look at these:

· Stuffy nose or brown nasal discharge

· Facial pain and swelling

· Tooth ache, loose teeth

· Redness, pain or swelling of eye

· Fever, shortness of breath, coughing, headache

· Altered sensorium

· Double or blurred vision

· Bloody vomits

But you need not to worry; Medical experts suggest simple prevention tips to prevent the fungal infection:

Medical experts have now said that “unhygienic or re-using unwashed masks” and “poorly ventilated rooms” could be a factor behind the increasing number of infections, as data revealed that many patients who had been affected by Black Fungus had records of showing poor hygienic practices, including wearing unwashed masks for a long time.

So, take into consideration this factor, make sure your mask is clean and change it as frequently as you can. Make sure as you remove the mask, you are washing it properly with soap, water or sanitizing it properly.

However, no clinical evidence proves this, but this behavior was common in many patients, so unhygienic practices are now considered a factor.

Though, doctors also say that the primary cause is “irrational use of steroids”.

Another factor is irrational use of steroids. Make sure you are not taking any medicine recommended on internet\ social media or by yourself. It can have adverse effects. This does not only cause black fungus, but a case was there when the patient’s oxygen level dropped badly, as he was trying some recommended home remedy for increasing oxygen levels.

These are the factors that doctors and researchers are taking into consideration right now, as no proved clinical evidence is found yet.

So, stay tuned to JK Media for correct information on Covid, Black Fungus and a lot more.



DC Jammu issues new timings for opening shops




District Magistrate Jammu Anshul Garg has issued guidelines for opening of Shops/ Establishment in district.

Read the Order

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Lockdown relaxation: J&K Govt Issues Fresh Guidelines for shops




The Jammu & Kashmir administration on Sunday relaxed Covid-induced restrictions in eight districts–Poonch, Reasi, Ramban, Doda, Shopian, Kulgam, Ganderbal, and Bandipora as the coronavirus infection declines. However, guidelines on the Covid containment, notified on 29 May, will continue to remain in force till further orders.

The union territory has allowed all government and private offices to function subject to strict adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour.

Here’s what’s allowed in the 8 districts:

1. Barbershops, salons, and parlours will be permitted to open on all days of the week (except on Saturdays and Sundays).

2. Standalone shops, outdoor bazaars, shopping complexes would be permitted to open on all days (except Saturday and Sunday).

3. All government offices can function without any restrictions subject to strict adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour.

4. The wholesale trade of liquor would continue to be permitted to operate 5 days a week (except Saturdays and Sundays) in the entire UT.


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Big update for Non-JK Vehicles owners; check details here




Authorities have ordered that no vehicle with outside number shall ply in any public place unless registered in accordance with Motor Vehicles Act in J&K.

“It has been observed that considerable number of vehicles registered outside Jammu & Kashmir (from adjoining States of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi etc.] have been purchased by the residents of the Jammu and Kashmir and are being plied across the Jammu & Kashmir unauthorizedly, without having been registered with the concerned Registering Authorities (RTOs/ARTOs), in contravention to the explicit provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989,” reads a circular issued by Hirdesh Kumar (IAS) Commissioner Secretary to Government, Transport Department.

“It has been reported that number of old vehicles purchased from outside J&K are also being plied in the Jammu and Kashmir without paying token tax/road tax as required under J&K Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1957 and without the transfer of ownership in favor of purchaser (transferee] and the state exchequer is bereft of considerable amount on this account,” the circular reads, “There is high probability of such vehicles being used for carrying unlawful activities.”

The government referred to ‘relevant sections’ of the Act, underlining that every owner of a motor vehicle shall cause the vehicle to be registered by the registering authority in whose jurisdiction he has the residence or place of business where the vehicle in normally kept.

Refereeing to section 47, the Circular said stated that when a motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in another State, for a period exceeding twelve months, the owner of the vehicle shall within such period and in such form containing such particulars as may be prescribed by the Central Government, apply to the registering authority, within whose jurisdiction the vehicle then is, for the assignment of a new registration mark and shall present the certificate of registration to that registering authority.

Referring to section 50 dealing with transfer of ownership, it reads that in the case of a vehicle registered within the same State, within fourteen days of the transfer, report the fact of transfer, in such form with such documents and in such manner, as may be prescribed by the Central Government to the registering authority within whose jurisdiction the transfer is to be effected.

In the case of a vehicle registered outside the State, within forty-five days of the transfer, the copy is to be forward to the registering authority.

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