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BJP vowed to finish identity of J&K: Congress

Former Minister and senior Congress leader, Mula Ram said that the BJP had taken a vow to finish the identity of Jammu and Kashmir through “unconstitutional and undemocratic” moves like abrogation of special status, introduction of new land laws and bifurcation of the erstwhile state into union territories.

While addressing a DDC elections campaign rally in support of Rajinder Kumar at Rajpura, Panjore, Dabain Ghiri, Chorpur of Marh Block, the former minister said that the Congress with an open heart is going to put up its best candidates for the upcoming DDC elections to fight the wrong and unconstitutional policies of the BJP which has left the people of Jammu and Kashmir unhappy.

Mula Ram said that people of Jammu and Kashmir are unhappy with the new land laws notified by the Centre for the Union Territory. “The new land law is another gift of BJP to people of J&K. The Congress party rejects the new land laws and vows to fight for protection of rights,” Mula Ram. He said betrayal and politics of deceit was the hallmark of BJP, which was hell-bent upon snatching everything from the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh by amending and bringing in different laws.

The senior Congress leader said the Central Government was least bothered about the aspirations of the people and “takes decisions, which were one sided, politically motivated and against the wishes of the people”. He termed the new land laws as an assault on the rights of people saying Congress party would not accept such “anti-J&K decisions” by the Centre.

While talking about the issues of farmers, the former minister said that PM Modi during his previous regime had has committed to double the farmers income in 2022 but there is no roadmap is visible. “The BJP led government has even failed to frame a logical roadmap for the doubling of Farmers income. Infact the new Farm Bills seem to be snatching their remaining income source by meagrely paying for their produce,” he said.

Mula Ram appealed to the people to vote in the upcoming elections and said, “The people of Jammu and Kashmir are politically mature and they will use this opportunity.”

 “The Congress will put forth the best of its candidates who are pro-people,” he said, adding that it was his party which introduced three-tier Panchayati Raj in the country.





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