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BJP promised Jammu statehood, in return gave neglect, deprivation: Rana

National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today assailed the BJP for compromising with the honour, pride and aspirations of Jammu, saying all tall promises proved hoax with the people finding themselves downgraded as secondary class citizens in the two Union Territories.

“What happened to promised statehood for Jammu, which the people were assured by the BJP in order to fulfill their aspirations as they, according to the party, felt that they had not got their due share in governance”,  Rana asked while interacting with media persons here.

He said, “The people of Jammu in turn got abject neglect and deprivation from even basic amenities. He regretted that the people of Jammu are being meted out a treatment as if they were secondary class citizens.

Describing the Dogras as architects of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Rana lamented that they were being neglected and relegated to secondary position. This has generated anger, discontentment and disillusion among the people, which is needed to be understood and addressed by those holding the reins of the governance, he said and referred to the unfulfilled promises made by the BJP with Jammu

   The Provincial President said that the National Conference has been a strong votary of the J&K state, as a single entity with regional autonomy to various regions and sub regions.  “The NC will always stand for the rights of the people and work for upholding honour and dignity of the people of Jammu within the state of J&K”, ana said, adding that the party believes in unity in diversity of with equal opportunities of progress, development and jobs to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, region and religion. He said the National Conference has remained sensitive to the distinct urges and aspirations of the regions and sub-regions but what has now panned out now is quite disgusting and disturbing for Jammu. He said that Jammu’s spirit of sacrifice and character of assimilation should be respected by giving it a fair deal in governance, development, employment and implementation of various welfare measures. The BJP should not undermine the sensitivities of the Dogras and disrespect their urges, as it did during the past six years after getting an overwhelming mandate across the region.

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