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BJP leadership suffering from memory loss: Harsh

Describing the resolutions passed during the Working Committee meeting of BJP held yesterday as another attempt of saffron brigade to mislead the gullible masses of J&K, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister questioned the fate of earlier resolutions passed by the Party’s Working Committee in the past. He said that BJP leadership had assumed the role of dream merchants by mesmerizing people with seductive slogans which they never intended to fulfill. The only objective behind its lofty promises was to exploit the credulity of innocent masses and to buy further time to conceal its failures. With hardly any takers in J&K for the new resolutions of the BJP passed in yesterday’s meet, the people are seeking the action taken with regard to resolutions passed in the April 1, 2018 Working Committee meet of BJP held at Suchetgarh, said Singh. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Pointing towards the resolutions passed in Suchetgarh meet under the chairmanship of the Vice President, Avinash Rai Khanna in April 2018, the NPP Chairman said that the BJP’s resolves included Constitution of Minority Commission in J&K, withdrawal of FIRs registered in Amarnath land row; Commission under sitting HC Judge for Rohingyas verification and eviction; Commission for Reorganization of Districts; Extension of Inter District recruitment policy for STs; adopting 85th Amendment of Constitution in J&K for promotion of SC/ST in government services; return of KPs to Valley; Abolishing Toll Plazas at Lakhanpur; enhancing compensation for ring road project; compensation to farmers who lands lie beyond border fencing; Constitution of Tawi Development Board besides others. The aforesaid meet was organized with a huge fanfare and the resolutions given wide publicity in the media thereby arousing lots of expectations amongst the general masses, said Singh. It is amusing however to note that rather than introspecting over the past decisions of Suchetgarh Conference, the BJP leaders chose to come out with a new set of resolutions deliriously oblivious of the growing public outrage against its politics of treachery and subterfuge. “The leaders of BJP might have suffered memory loss but not the people who had pinned high hopes from their mandated leaders. Remember, it’s not easy any more to deceive people and to divert their attention from earlier promises by giving new slogans. Today each word, each action, each promise and each pledge is indelibly cast in the marble of technology. How hard we try, we can’t wipe the Slate clean and erase the public memory with one new shot. The BJP needs to understand this”, maintained Singh.

Calling upon the saffron party to ruminate on its predicament, Singh said that pious declarations by its motor mouths have only evoked cynicism amongst the masses who would respond to its treacherous conduct appropriately at the right time. The BJP will have to account for all its deceptive slogans, hollow promises which could cost it dearly at the hustings, said Singh.

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