Bharatiya Janata Party is just not a collection of like-minded activists, but it is a spectacular bouquet of multicolour flowers, dispersing its fragrance to the whole society. BJP comprises of caring family members bonded with unselfish love and strong emotions, stated Ravinder Raina while he chaired a meet at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

J&K BJP President Ravinder Raina accompanied by party’s General Secretaries Sunil Sharma, Adv. Vibodh Gupta and Dr. D. K. Manyal was chairing a meet of various departments of the party headquarter like Cashier, Office, Media, Social Media & IT, Publicity, Library & Documentation, Personal Section and others.

Dr. D.K. Manyal also conducted the proceedings of the meeting as BJP Headquarter Incharge.

Prabhat Singh Jamwal, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Jugal Kishore Gupta, Jaidev Rajwal, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Ayodhya Gupta, Ajay Vaid, Adv. Ishant Mahajan, Vishal Targotra, Rajinder Singh, Ravinder Singh Jamwal and others participated in the meeting.

Ravinder Raina, while addressing the meeting appreciated the party leaders and the activists for their dedicated and focused functioning during the period of Covid 19 Lockdown. He said that it was very difficult for everybody in the previous months to attend to their chores, but still, the party activists set up an example of their self-discipline and dedication during the difficult hours. He stressed that BJP works like a family that is based upon unselfish love and care for each other and we must ensure that the party’s progression further synchronizes with the same principles.

Sunil Sharma stressed that it is the duty of the party departments that the message of the party leadership reaches promptly to the ground level activists as well as the common masses.

Adv. Vibodh Gupta asked all the Department Heads to work in complete unison with each other and asked them to further increase their working capacity to grow the party beyond limits.

Dr. D. K. Manyal prompted all the party Department Heads to share their departmental issues with the party leadership and discussed them thoroughly. He assured all the participants that all the points raised will be taken prompt care.