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J&K BJP demands inquiry for collapsing of Darap Bridge

“After few hours of rain in the city of Jammu, Darap bridge crossing the waterway was unable to withstand and eventually collapsed”, Kr. Rajeev Charak Bharatiya Janata Party Jammu and Kashmir Head Department of Good Governance and Center State Coordination visited the spot and took stock of ground situation.

Kr. Rajeev Charak alleged that during the rule of NC-Congress Government and on the directions of congress so called vikas purush former minister & EX-MLA Gandhinagar Raman Bhalla, the engineers used sub-standard material in the construction of bridge and also not done proper digging of land before the construction of pillars which resulted into the washed away of bridge. He said that the whole construction was under question mark and the culprits have done so just to fulfil their lust & financial greed. He said that we all are very much familiar with the involvement of congress leaders in a long list of scams throughout country and it is not wrong if we quote “Congress and Corruption are two sides of a coin”.

Charak said that he has told Chief Engineer PWD to constitute and inquiry committee of technical engineers and booked the culprits behind the bars. He also demands to access the loss and said that the recovery must be done from the salary/pension of those engineers who were found guilty so that in future no one can think of cheating the public and misuse public property and funds for their financial greed.

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