Jammu, 6 Sept, 22: A big press conference was held today by the  representatives and President of ‘Yuva Rajput Sabha’ Rajan Singh Happy who brief the press their motives, demands and what they are going to do in the coming days in Jammu if their highly pressed long pending demand of declaring the Maharaja’s holiday is not granted by the administration in minimum given period of time.

Speaking at the press conference the YRS president firstly extended his gratitude to the Jammu’s media fraternity, who according to him stood with the protestors and voiced their demands to the local administration successfully.

“First of all I want to extend my warm gratitude to the Jammu media which has played a dominant role in turning our protest to a mass movement, because now Jammuites are coming forward and echoing the same demand like us. I  am grateful to various people here like  ‘Karni Sena’  president Arjun Singh, Surinder Singh Gilli former president ‘YRS’, M. K Bharadwaj president ‘Bar Association Jammu’, Dast-e-Madagar, Bhagat Sabha, Masha Sabha, YRS team of Samba, Kathua, Reasi, Transport Union members who came here and are lending their strength for our cause by raising above the differences,” he said.

He further said addressing the press conference that this has been a really long battle for them  as since ten years and now from last 15 days they are on protest so that Maharaja Hari Singh holiday should be declared as a gazetted holiday in all the three divisions i.e Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on every 23rd of september.

“We want that the Maharaja’s birthday should be observed every year on 23rd sept here in all J&K as he was ruler of all three divisions and we are just suspending our agitation just for 3-4 days because in our yesterday’s rendezvous with the divisional commissioner, we have been assured by the administration that our demand will be fulfilled in minimum time possible”, he added.

He further added that on 15th of this month every Jammuite must be ready to react on the decision of local administration regarding the holiday.

“Everybody should get their two dresses ready on 15th sept, one normal and the other black cause if the govt fulfills its promise of  declaring Maharaja’s holiday then we will heartily celebrate the decision with great euphoria and if they fail to keep their promise then, we will intensify our agitation across the Jammu region” he said.

Moreover, the YRS president said that this time they will not fall back and will only stop their agitation till the Maharaja’s  holiday is not declared by the govt.

Aman Zutshi