The government has decided to put QR codes on household LGP cylinders as customers were often complaining that their household gas cylinder contains 1-2 kg less gas than advertised.

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has announced the government will soon equip LPG cylinders with QR codes to prevent gas theft.

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This QR Code will be pasted on existing cylinders and welded on new ones – when activated it has the potential to resolve several existing issues of pilferage, tracking and tracing and better inventory management of gas cylinders, the minister said.
This project is scheduled to be completed in three months. It should be noted that the QR code will be placed in the new gas cylinder. The gas cylinder will also have a metal sticker with the QR code.
Without the QR code, it was difficult to trace gas complaints when people complained about obtaining less gas. Before, neither the location of the gas cylinder’s removal by the dealer nor the identity of the delivery person who placed it at the customer’s house was known. However, everything will be much easier to trace if the QR code is installed. This will make the people feel at ease because the thief will be quickly apprehended. He won’t be able to steal gas because of this.
The benefits of using QR codes go far beyond preventing theft. Customers will know how frequently the gas has been refilled thanks to this. How long did it take the gas to go from the refilling station to your home? Additionally, since it will be known from this QR code which dealer delivered the gas cylinder, no one will be able to use the domestic gas cylinder for commercial purposes going forward.