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Bidding adieu to Summers with this Blue Summer Dress

So, are you guys ready to leave Summers or still sad about not being able to wear those cute outfits this summer season?

We’ve hit that weird point in the year where the seasons are changing—it’s no longer summer, but it’s not quite winter either. I love this time of the year because it feels like a fresh start for some reason. Yes, we do feel the chills in the morning and evening as winters are approaching and I couldn’t be more excited to pack away my shorts and layer on those sweaters but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t say goodbye to Summers properly.

Although this year, most of our summer was spent inside our homes, due to the lockdown but we did get a chance to dress up later as it eased slowly.  I’m ready to switch over my summer and fall stuff, but the days are still warm and sunny where sandals and sun dresses feel totally appropriate.

So, I also went out recently and chose this beautiful summery outfit to have lunch with my friends. To be honest, Blue isn’t one of my favorite colors but I don’t mind it in this dress. Also, the fit is so simple and flattering. It’s super comfortable so you’ll want to wear it non-stop!


Since it’s not totally winter yet, I paired this outfit with my favorite blue sandals with bow detailing on the top of it, one more time before I pack them up for next spring. There was a lot of color in the whole outfit so I decided to pair it up with a neutral colored bag. A brown bag is essential if you ask me! It adds such personality to any outfit. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s say goodbye to this season together by donning our favourite colored dress. Also, don’t forget to soak up the sun and click beautiful pictures while you are at it, like I did.


U.S.Lima, Lifestyle Content Creator

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