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Begging racket, child scenario in Jammu

Despite India’s rapid economic growth in the recent years, begging is still one of the major concerns of India especially when it comes to child begging.

Begging racket has increased in Jammu over the years. Small children deprived of the basic need of education are forced to beg on the streets and earn money for their family or the people who are involved in the business.

Sagar, a child beggar who belongs to Uttar Pradesh, when asked said that his mother works as a labourer where as he begs on the streets of Jammu to earn his daily bread. He also added that he wishes to study further but will not be able to unless he earns sufficient.

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“My real name is Salamat while some call me Sagar. It’s been 1-2 years since we moved to Jammu. My mother is a labourer, she helps in rock smashing. I beg for my family, like I collect oil on Saturdays and then ask for money from people through pictures of God. I earn around 100-200 rupees everyday and then give it to my mother. Sometimes when someone gives me food, I take it home. This is my life. I used to study Urdu language back in UP but ever since I moved to Jammu, I haven’t been to School. I want to study further but we don’t have enough money. My mother tells me to beg for my education.” Sagar said

Why has begging racket increased in Jammu? Even if the boy earns enough for his education, why isn’t he going to School? Is there someone behind all this? If this continues, unfortunately the future of India would be in danger.

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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