Auto driver loses 78000 in online fraud in Jammu


Aman Zutshi

Jammu: An auto driver of Jammu’s Durga Nagar area lost Rs 78K to cybercrooks on Tuesday.

As per report, a cyber fraudster faked as victim’s neighbour called him on pretext of sending money to his family.

Th scammer stole Rupees 78,000 from him as the victim received cybercrooks call.

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Mr Charan Jeet Singh, the victim, told the media that he was having breakfast, when he received a call, who was pretending his neighbour.

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“Someone cloned my neighbour’s voice and called me in the morning. He told me that he had to give some cash to his  family as they are in need,

“I tired to help him but he told me to check my phone and thus looted me”, he said.

“The fraudster asked me twice to check my phone and when I told him I haven’t got money in my bank account, then he told me to put my pin number and when I typed the pin all the money in my account disappeared”, he said.

“His sound was similar to my neighbour and when I visited  his house he was there and told me that he wasn’t not in Chandigarh”, he added.

There were three transactions of 25,000 and one of 3,000 which happened through his bank’s account number, the report said.

“I have register an FIR in Cyber cell Jammu and they informed me to block the fraudster’s number”, he said.

“He called me again & asked, why I have blocked his number as he had to send more money in my account”, Mr Charan added.

“I told him I work as a driver and drive someone’s else auto. He mocked me that he will gift me one”, he added.