Jammu, December 4, 2022:  The ASI traffic G.C Thapa has sparked headlines and caught attention of  locals in Jammu, because he is again posted to Bus stand in Jammu from Janipur area, where he was doing his service earlier, to manage the traffic movement there.

As per the report, the traffic snarls at Jammu bus stand has made his transfer possible there.

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ASI traffic was seen at the mentioned place handing over fines to drives who violated traffic rules.

Speaking to the media Mr Thapa said that the rotary (chowk) at the bus stand should be traffic free and no vehicles should be parked around 200 meters near its ambit. Adding he said, ” the traffic violators will be fined if they fail to adhere to traffic rules and the vehicle operators should not park their vehicles around rotaries because it will congeal traffic movement here”.

A driver who fined by him said that yesterday the traffic police finds reason to fine people as yesterday they fined him cause he didn’t had number plate on his vehicle and today he was fined because he parked his vehicle close to rotary.

Aman Zutshi