Jammu, December 18, 2022: In a freak incident, a pregnant woman was allegedly attacked by armed thiefs in her house at Shankar Nagar in Malik market in Jammu, yesterday night.

According to the report, two burglars entered in a house through a canal which flows along the house situated in the mentioned area and assaulted a pregnant woman there, when she was try to raise the alarm for help.

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A relative of the victim woman told the media that the victim went to dispose garbage, when she was attacked and hit on head with a weapon by an armed robber from behind.

“She went to throw garbage in the drain, when a thief came from behind grabbed her who was hiding in her house and there was another burglar who was sitting on the wall of their home. She was shouting for help but the robber hit her head with a  weapon and the other perpetrator was informing his accomplice not to hit the victim in the belly as she is pregnant. The robbers came wearing masks and pherans.”, he said.

The victim’s husband informed the media person that he was watching television inside the house,when his wife went to dump garbage and suddenly a man held and gagged her, because she was trying to scream for help. Adding he said, “She had a panic attack and is still in shock”.

“One man was hiding inside our house and the other perpetrator was near the drain wall and as my wife saw them she started screaming, but a burglar who was ambushing came outside and hit her on the head with his weapon. I came outside and saw my wife lying unconscious on the ground and took her inside, but the perpetrators had escaped”, he said.

He added that one of the accused was captured by his cousins on the street, when they saw him running suspicously.

“We have handed over the burglar to local police and they have told us that they will start a probe into our matter”, he said.

Aman Zutshi