Anganwadi Workers Welfare Association protested in Jammu city on Tuesday while taking out a rally for their demands. The protesters sieged the house of MP Jitendra Singh, but the police stopped them a short distance away from the house during this time. Anganwadi workers, shouting slogans outside the MP’s house, expressed their anger against the Union Territory government and appealed to fulfil their demands.

The workers highlighted their demands with flags and placards in their hands during this. The association says that Anganwadi workers in other states are getting better facilities. But, they are not getting their due in Jammu and Kashmir. They are not even being paid their salaries on time, nor are the officials of the administration giving them time to meet.

Roshu Sharma said that the Anganwadi workers in Jammu and Kashmir are paid less than Haryana, Himachal, Punjab and Delhi, and the state’s share is very less here which should be increased. He said that in Jammu and Kashmir, the state gives Rs 600 and the Center gives Rs 4500. In this way, Anganwadi workers get Rs 5100 every month. Not only this, salary has not been paid for the last seven months. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to survive.

Amish Mahajan