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Akhnoor Farmers demand compensation

Farmers of villages Mawa Karoda Guda Brahmna, Tehsil Akhnoor are spending sleepless nights on manchas (wooden platforms on trees) to guard their crop from wild animals.

While talking to JK Media, Farmers told since wild animals have been damaging paddy crop, the farmers of the region are spending nights on manchas to keep watch. They further told, “ after work hard and harvesting costly seed in the agriculture land, we are force to face loss due to rains or attack of wild animals.

“Our land is like gold as it produces anything, but the wild animal attacks are quite discouraging,” said an aggrieved farmer. “I will manage the education of my two daughters with the income from cattle-rearing and the revenue from my other agriculture land, which are safe from wild animal raids.”

They demanded that the government should take serious action in this regard otherwise they should compensate us from the loss of our crops.

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