An Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) team caught Liaquat Rahim Poswal, a Class IV employee working in the office of the Naib Tehsildar at Tangmarg in Kulgam, red-handed on Tuesday while accepting a bribe. ACB spokesperson said that a person residing in the Tangmarg area in district Kulgam had applied to the Tehsildar’s office to issue a Scheduled Tribe certificate. Liaquat Rahim Poswal had demanded a bribe of seven thousand rupees from the said person.

The applicant complained about this to the ACB. The complaint was investigated. After the complaint was true, the ACB weaved a net to catch the bribery worker red-handed. Liaquat Rahim had already taken three and a half thousand rupees from the applicant. Today, as soon as he took the remaining amount, the ACB team caught him. The bribe amount was also recovered from him. Further legal action is being taken against him.

Earlier on Saturday, the ACB had caught the works supervisor of Urban Environment Engineering Department UEED Imtiaz Ahmed Ghulam accepting a bribe of Rs 18,000 for allowing a contractor’s subcontractor to do the work. ACB spokesperson said that the complainant had complained to UEED’s works supervisor Imtiyaz Ahmed Ghulam. A subcontractor made this complaint.

He said that the contractor who got a work contract from the UEED department entrusted him with the work. He was doing this work when UEED supervisor Imtiaz refused him and said that if he wanted to work on behalf of the contractor, he would have to pay a bribe of 18 thousand rupees. The complaint was found to be correct in the investigation, and then action was taken to arrest Imtiyaz Ahmed Ghulam, the works supervisor of UEED.