With the scraping of Article 370 and Article 35(A) nearing an year, Dr Jahanzaib Sirwal, Youth Congress Leader of Kishtwar openly rejects and opposes this move.
In his message, Sirwal highlighted the mythopoesis backed by BJP led Government and stated that constitutional amendments can’t be made by encroaching the fundamental rights of people.
This decision has further intensified the conflicts and conundrum of Kashmir Valley.
The boisterous promises of ‘ Demilitarisation and development’ of the region have turned out to be hollow caps of glory.
With the employment rate decelerating, upsurge in attacks and militancy, lag of construction works, pace of recruitment works tardy, ineffectual peace and 2g network since last one year, it’s clear that the mockup presented as progressive and developing post 5th August, 2019 is a sham hoax.

” Despite ongoing pandemic and every sector availing online services, J&K is left to bear the brunt by 2g at place. Students aren’t able to attend classes and most businessmen and offices suffer due to 4g being a distant dream. The youth are unemployed and bereft of any hope, radicalization and militarization have shown resurrection beyond pre – abrogation level and there is unacceptable shrinkage of opportunities for the local youth of J&K as the window for absorbing varied posts is open to all ; which has left our youth with crippling facilities and lagging internet to fight a war they aren’t prepared for, ” he stated in his press note.

Launching an attack at the ruling government, he questioned what has abrogation achieved except more disturbance and alienation of people in their native lands.
He termed the abrogation of Article 370 to be a coercive attack on civil and democratic rights of people and immoderate use of power for suppression of J&K.
Sirwal expressed contempt over the ruling government trying to cover up their autocracy by delivering false promises and presenting wrong facts to avail themselves a higher ground among nationals, forgetting that the only superior power in democracy is it’s people.
” You can’t snatch everything – jobs, land, opportunities and fundamental rights and tell people to clap with empty hands, “he stated.

He emphasized to mark 5th August as a Black Day in the history of J&K as it closed all doors for the people of state and left them bereft of hope and livelihood both.
He reiterated that pursuing authoritative course has further exacerbated the problem and not a ripple has inched forward in any region of J&K. He appealed to the people to maintain peace and tranquility, but at the same time, to not heed to this fake ‘ normalcy’ and be aware that revocation that achieved nothing except creating differences, rigid compositional changes, decreased opportunities and tempestuousness.