Jammu: BJP J&K Chief Ravinder Raina said that AAP and other political parties are no match to BJP because these outfits are by and large working as private limited companies with decision making power restricted only to their never changing presidents.

Ravinder Raina said that there is no exaggeration in the fact that no party matches the qualities possessed by BJP because it is the only nationalist party in the country in which the nation stands first and everything comes after this priority.

He asked the newly joined members to work for strengthening the party at grass roots level because in J&K, overtly and covertly, all the political parties have joined hands to oppose BJP thus making it imperative to persistently disseminate information among the masses about the progressive and pragmatic policies of public welfare and national interest brought in by the BJP and its future plans to steer the UT out of morass created by the successive regimes run by the dynastic parties in the past.

Priya Sethi, while according a warm welcome to Pooja Grover and her supporters in the party fold, asserted that it is only BJP which has given due rights to women folk and substantially empowered this segment of society which was discriminated against by all other parties in the last over 70 years.