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A Lady Constable beat up mother daughter duo in Jammu temple

A 45 year old woman and her daughter visiting Mahakali Temple in Bahu Fort, Jammu were thrashed by a Lady constable. The woman was hospitalised in GMC due to the thrashing and she got stitches on her head as well. The daughter was suggested to undergo an ultrasound due to bruises on the body.

Slapped by Lady Constable in Temple

The daughter said “We visit Bahu Temple quite often. I wasn’t well so thought of visiting outdoors while my mother stood in the queue. I requested the woman constable to let me do so. She first refused and then all of a sudden she started shouting at me.

I told her to respect the uniform and talk to me in a lower voice. In return, she slapped me and I fell down. My mother came running to save me but The lady Constable slapped her as well. Prasad fell down and was scattered on the floor. She started beating me and my mother ruthlessly all over our body with her rifle. My mother got blood on her clothes and fainted.”
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The Lady Constable has bad track record

“I was scared and called the Pandit. Senior official was called. He told us about the bad past records of the Woman Constable. I warned her about the media and complained to the Police. To my surprise, she screamed about not being afraid of any higher official, media or Police. She shouted ‘I don’t fear the DSP, SP or any other person. Do whatever you want to do. I’ll show you who I am.’ Instead of wasting time, I took my mother to the Hospital as I had no other option.” She added.The mother-daughter duo live alone as her father is no more. She requested the Administration to take a serious action towards the lady constable.

“My father is no more. What will I do if something happens to my mother (cries). If this is how they behave with well to do local residents of Jammu, I wonder what tourists face who have no idea about the place. Rifles are for public security not for beating them. I hope these people do their duty properly rather than just passing time. The Administration must take a strict step towards such Constables who misuse their power of uniform.”

SSP Jammu ensures of a free and fair investigation

SSP Jammu, Sridhar Patil spoke to JK Media regarding the incident and said, “I’ve called the Lady Constable to the office and will hear her side of the story too. We will take into consideration the other witnesses as well- general public as well as other police officers present on the spot. We have the CCTV footage as well. There’s no need to worry. We will always stand with truth and justice and the person at fault be it our constable or the civilian will be punished after thorough investigation.”

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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